25.06.05. Himalaya Ashram.
This world could be divided into several ‘Wells’ .We like a frog get to choose are our own well .In Bilaspur everyone seems to talk about money and becomes materialistic well, in Sabarmati and around I witnessed social work well, In Himalayas here I see Godly spiritual well .So in short this entire world is one big well and consists within it several small well .We being the frogs decide the world according to our own well, And think everyone is like that. But again we are little superior frogs, as every well has a opening on top, thus we can choose to witness different wells (or worlds) but it takes lot of effort to go out of our own well as we become comfortable with it, and would not want to go out believing all well’s are same. Traveling to different wells is our dream, but since we are scared to follow it we think our well is our destiny.
In traveling different wells.

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