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  • Anonymous says:

    This artist seems to falsely advertise a film khawab which didn’t have a theartical relase and never got completed. Working with him was not a easy task for he did not have strong directoral knowledge and thought using short cuts and making promises he could not keep.

    When a film is not relased and never got to completion, one cannot put it on a website saying he did a film which is false this is pure misrepresentation. These things might work in small places in India but not in America, nor will Americans tolerate such lies.

    Reading that someone sent him a video camera, it is all about publicity, come on, if you believe that someone just out of thin air sent him a camera, it is too good to believe it.

    This guy knows how to manipulate and get sympathy for his sorry ass for he could not stay in america due to his visa. Be honest man, take this from an american guy who was involved with your film which did not happen.

    Stop misrepresenting others for the feature film did not complete at all. So take the website out for there is no feature film and ure misrepresenting. When was the theartical release, which u forgot to inform all the crew and cast.

    In America , one has to work hard and be willing to start from the bottom, this guy only was dreaming about $$$$ without hard work and dreaming.

  • Anonymous says:

    You are an opportunist,full of it man….give it up….

  • Anonymous says:

    Your film, holds no interest for it gets so tiring to see young , emerging indian film makers with the same old story of coming to united states or north america to make it big etc….this is such a boring film, i would not pay to see it…..

    not interested in films like these…..rather see a film on a person such as mohammed ali, an extraordinary film like beautiful mind….why would anyone want to see a film ….about indians coming to united states…it has already done so many times…like american desi….and whole bunch of others where it has flopped big time….

    be creative man…..ur film sucks…rather spend the $7.00 on a video or dvd rental on english films or really good independent films that are extra ordinary….

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