Fear makes you alive..

By April 12, 20103 Comments
I like my life… I wondered. who would have thought following your dreams would take you here. They always scare you, scare you of being crushed by reality of our imaginations, they scare you I thought, because they too are afraid, afraid of accepting who they are. A famous writer once said “fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself”, so let me suffer with joy, I reminded myself.

I liked my life… because everyday would hold little mysteries for me, people I met or things I did. Everything was so unpredictable and yet arranged so synchronically. Every moment I unwrapped, I found a little gift inside.
I liked my life… sometimes so much that it would really make me afraid, afraid of illusions I have built around me but then heart responds, isn’t everything an illusion and aren’t we creating our own world where we live ?
and yet again I am reminded of the poem I read in my class ” To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness, But life without meaning is the torture of restlessness and vague desire”

So I continue to like my life with it’s fears and desires because thats what makes me alive…


  • to "put" meaning in life (that is well put indeed, for there is no inherent meaning in life) is not madness, it is the way to stave off madness.

    the torture of meaninglessness is the only authentic and true way to live, but i can understand why that is not an altogether charming choice.

  • sheetal says:

    this is one of the most beautiful lines i have heard in a long time madhu…

    thanks for sharing this…

    "Every moment I unwrapped, I found a little gift inside."

  • Vivek Kumar says:

    Nice article, Madhusudan…

    Liked it.

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