Gifts of the underworld

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The snake, the godesses and Shiva – Temple in Ujjain
Last night in my dream I saw a snake fighting with another animal trying to save his child. I was witnessing them fighting and saw myself giving healing to the snake through my hands. The snake was badly injured and almost close to death. I bought some water but felt bit afraid to go close to him and thus threw the water at him from distance but then immediately felt a strong feeling of remorse. Next I got another bowl of water and gave it to the baby snake, which now had turned into a baby girl. Next I remember I went looking for Jayesh Bhai asking his help and someone told me that he is in some sport event. I found him sitting somewhere in a lobby, hugging a child, probably the same baby snake. I could only see the legs and lower half of the child, as the upper half was covered in a shawl. It felt as if Jayesh bhai was comforting her. 
I wonder what what this dream meant. Snakes are a strong totem/ metaphors in a dream. I usually don’t remember a dream but it was vivid the entire day today. Some say that our dreams are a gift from the underworld to initiate us into next realm, it gives us a message for the path which needs to emerge. 
I was also reminded of my healing experience in Haci Bektash, Turkey.
We are all healers, as we believe so we become.

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