Letting Go

By February 8, 2008One Comment

Once Gandhiji was going to address a huge crowd in some rural part of India. As he was walking towards the stage, a british journalist asks him: ” Gandhiji, what are you going to talk about today?”
Gandhi ji looks up and with a smile says :” I am not there yet”.

Its hard to be patient and wait for the moment to take over , specially when you are going to address thousands of people. But isn’t it beautiful to be able to trust the universe and be able to be in ‘NOW’ fully present, fully there. To just be the instrument with out making any effort to do something. It’s a beautiful state..and deep down our soul strives to be in that state forever.

I had a little glimpse of it when recently I went to give a small talk in few colleges, to invite students to build a community for using media for social change. I didn’t feel the need to prerpare anything , just wanted to go and let the moment take over…

People I admire like Jayesh bhai, Nipun, dwarkoji..they have made their life as being. you can feel them present in doing whatever they do. There’s no effort to do something. Something just manifests through them, through small act of kindness. every moment is a sadhna…

It reminds me the saint I met in Matar who so simply said: To become is human to BE is god.

In effortless today 🙂

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