Storytelling Workshop for Inner Transformation and Social Change

“Like the air we breathe, there is an invisible field of stories all around us. You me and the universe is made up of stories. Can we use it's potential to empower, transform and heal and re-establish our connection with self, community and nature.


Our Experiments with Love

As the world celebrates 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, everyday people from all walks of life found a unique and way to remember Gandhi. “Be the change you wish to see”, as Gandhi would say, thus people from all over the world decided to be the change by committing to do 150 small acts of love and kindness in span of a year. from simple acts like ‘I would close the tap mindfully 150 times, I will pick up trash 150 times, I would listen to 150 strangers, I would make homes for 150 birds etc. These simple acts of love not only creates ripples outside but brings a transformation of heart. In his last days Gandhi would say, all I really tried to do was connect one heart with another. So to celebrate this inner spirit of oneness we share this project “Our experiments with love” with you. Join us in making one personal commitment today.

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Story Listeners Project

In every one of us there lies a storyteller, a life poet, an artist who transforms day to day living – inner and outer life by engaging in the delicate art of sharing their world with others through stories that we find personally moving and meaningful.
Story Listeners Project emerged from an earnest desire to listen to these stories that we long to share with each other. We believe that while listening to stories, we come together in a shared space of deepening our connection to our self, others and the universe.
Through this platform, we invited random friends to share a favourite story with us which brought them hope, faith and courage.

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