Vinoba entered in my life when I first met Dwarko ji in America. Who knew that I would then one day leave America and stay with Dwarko ji for three months and make a documentary. Later life brought me to Gandhi Ashram Ahmedabad and my understanding of Maitri and Vinoba got deepened with Jayesh Bhai. And now it’s been more than 10 years and I keep coming back to Ahmedabad and Maitri space again and again. 
For quite some time I wanted to record stories orally and share, today did the first story from Vinoba and sharing here with you. This is taken from the book- ‘Vinoba’s life stories’ written by Meera Bhatt didi. Title of the story is ‘Athato brahma jigyasa’ and is about when 21 year old Vinoba left his home in search for eternal truth.

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